The Sale of America


If you want an example of what bipolar looks like just take a look at the POTUS, the President of the United States.
Formally known as the most powerful person on the planet. The most respected, most recognized as leading the world in universal peace by any means.
Which brings us to how powerful our Military has been and has been presented by our Generals that all former President’s have been advised by, to the world, we are the leaders.

The general consensus is: suffering from bipolar is the obvious, best reason we could come up with to explain the way he acts. The way he responds to all world events hourly and what is important to him in the world from entertainment, social network posts, individuals he doesn’t like or just don’t like him. His responses are wrong!
These are responses from a representative of the citizens of the United States. He has no reason to choose the words he uses! It is petty. He shows weakness. Like a rich spoiled child that can’t fight but has a Military behind him.

A man that really believes Americans put him in charge of the world to be managed by him.


Everything that happens, everyday especially in the entertainment / reality show world (his former job) this POTUS, and we at All In DC do not refer to him as President because he’s not our President! To our followers and supporters of America not Amerika he does not represent the “Second Most Hight”!
This President is a game show host and to him you are a pawn in the game! Sorry to insult the game of chess.

When he responds to a scenario from an adversary, he acts like King Kong ain’t got nothing on him. Beats on his chest and threatens with a response like war to keep him from immediate impeachment.

If there is a War during an election what happens?

You may not have thought about that but all of his little men and a couple of ugly women talkies are looking at the next move on the game board.

This before they lose their jobs like the rest.

You! America. Americans must wake up! The dream is a nightmare now take control!

More on this story coming.
An All In DC Exclusive

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