How Old Should a President
Be? With So Many Choices,
Democrats Are Sharply Divided

Original story
By LISA LERER and DENISE LU JUNE 9, 2019 (please cut and paste to the address bar)

The message below is an All In DC editorial by Traveler.
This is a circus!
Other than possessing that power, these 22 plus candidates that had no affect on the delusional one’s decisions only reason for running is, if he could win they can win!

Obviously a popularity contest at the cost of the world not just America, we no longer lead by what’s best for humanity but for profit and territorial gains as if civilization is starting all over again.

There is nobody in this lineup capable to go toe to toe and close on this mean-spirited, snake oil sales rep.
I predict he will give a nick name to each candidate based on a physical attribute or something obvious and insult their character.

He doesn’t play fair and no one should follow his lead but be smarter and out smart him. He’s really not too intelligent.
Who do you actually believe is qualified to repair the mess and make the world a happier place?