Lesson Of The Month

I find the job of weather caster or meteorologist very pleasantly professional. When you have powerful storms in the region the local broadcasting station cuts into your regularly scheduled program. As long as the storm is in affect will be the time they will be on the air. 

They are guiding you through the storm to warn you in real time about the dangers. All of the up to the minute or less information makes you aware of visability, floods, wrecks, etc. Whatever they can tell you about the actual storm and progress at the moment is as good as it gets.

It’s more interesting is to watch the meteorologist and the all of the weather segment staff divide the time up on screen and continually mapping you out in HD, 4K 1080P and 3D. Mean while staying progressive on the television and playing it by ear while being able to keep you updated.
They’re doing their job making sure you know all that is happening. 
That’s not acting, that’s living in and being the top in your profession in the moment.
Now missing your regularly scheduled television program is not as important as what the weather program is doing for you.

Great professionals on every network.
The only time you will not see representation of the networks before you get the real news message.

There you have it. Character and integrity, the two ingredients that can be the standard for future news platforms and the First Amendment will get the respect of Press back.
Don’t forget a couple of the common denominators of being a dictator is defaming and controlling the Press. 
Branding an institution FAKE exposes the depth of intelligence of the brander like a mirror of their world. FAKE!

Public trust above delusional liars.

God Bless, stay strong and awake.


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