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In a surge of paper thin condos, pop up breweries, pretentious bars and coffee shops, there seems to be a systemic plan to replace the history and culture of African Americans in the Nation’s Capitol, without a trace. “Can’t Lose the Soul” rings the alarm on gentrification in Washington DC and gives a voice to the voiceless in the city. Legendary DC hip hop artist, Priest Da Nomad glides energetically and effortlessly over what will undoubtedly be a new hip hop anthem, with GoGo undercurrents in the track! “Can’t Lose the Soul” simply warns all new comers to DC that Chocolate City will not be erased! -Produced by: Roddy Rod and Priest Da Nomad -Bass: Lorenzo “Zo” Ferguson -Percussion: Leroy “Boogie” Greer -Background Vocals: Deborah Bond, Emery Ware, Gracyn Ware


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Why has respect been lost for America around the world? Why racism is at an all time high in countries with recently elected racist leaders?
Why Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and a few more countries have no fear of the US and seem to be preparing for war? Why is a draft dodger trying to create a war?
Do you want to know who is responsible?
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